Buharimeter Radio: Overview of the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria

Chairman of the NBA and Convener of Lawyers Network Against Corruption (CLNAC), Ezenwa Anumnu, Esq has said that the fight against corruption by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is fraught with many challenges. These are not limited to exploitable loopholes in the legal system, a perceived one-sided nature of the fight, and lack of openness with Citizens, etc. While acknowledging these challenges, he noted that the anti-graft war cannot be fought by the government alone. It also requires collective intervention by civil society and citizens alike, he said.

Mr Ezenwa made this remark on Monday, 9th April 2018, while speaking as a guest on CDD’s Buharimeter Radio show on Nigeria Info (95.1FM). He deplored the state of corruption in the country and called on the government to make the anti-graft war more transparent and holistic, with a view to plugging the loopholes in the legal system that allows fraudulent individuals in the society to get away with heinous crimes of corruption and embezzlement. To this end, he stated his approval of government’s effort towards passage of the proposed Proceeds of Corruption Act (POCA) as it would make it difficult for defaulters to enjoy the ill-gotten gains of corruption.

The Barrister also issued a clarion call to all Nigerians to assume responsibility for the endemic nature of corruption in the country and resolve to fight corruption at their own individual levels. He noted that government already has enough anti-graft agencies but must work to ensure all the agencies operate within the boundaries of the law and in line with Acts which established them. While Mr Ezenwa lauded the idea behind the Open Government Partnership in Nigeria, he implored the government to adhere to the principle of transparency in its fight against corruption.