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  • Segun Adeniyi
  • In National Security and Defence

    2015-07-28 00:08:53

President Muhammadu Buhari believes Nigeria does not need foreign aid if the world powers can help her plug all the loopholes that had been used by government officials to steal her assets.

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  • Ofunrein Richard
  • In Employment

    2015-07-28 00:07:51

Waiting blindly for implementation of Buhari’s campaign promises

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  • Adejola Emmanuel
  • In Industrialization

    2015-07-28 00:07:41

Have not really see any reasonable impact President Buhari administration has brought to the general public so far... we still experience fuel scarcity, insurgency and Boko Haram is still bombing, Niger Delta are threatening, No appointment of Minister yet etc... It seem our President did not have a Blue print and a fore front strategy to tackle the problem Nigeria and her citizen are battling with. he's too slow for my liken. If he can't EXCEED expectations, he should please MEET expectations he should not BELOW expectations, the way he's moving at low pace he's not even NEAR expectations. No one celebrate EFFORTS we celebrate RESULT. I'm up for now !

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  • Folasayo Onigbinde
  • In Corruption

    2015-07-27 23:57:02

Buhari will probe Jonathan’s govt only; not Obasanjo’s, others – Presidency http://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/headlines/187120

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  • Dele Bakare
  • In National Security and Defence

    2015-07-27 23:55:44

Boko haram needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand. This administration must take this as a priority and find a solution ASAP. The recent killings are outrageous.

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  • Abel
  • In Education

    2015-07-27 23:50:18

In the light of fast paced changes in science and technologies, something should be done to continuously keep our university curriculum up-to-the minute

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  • Oluseun Onigbinde
  • In Industrialization

    2015-07-27 23:49:40

Buhari should speed up on issues of the economy. Nigeria needs to get things right. 4 years is not a long time.

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